My goal as a canine behavior professional is to provide tailored treatment plans. Targeted to each dog(s) needs. Understanding that dogs learn through operant, and classical conditioning. Proper association is key, and over stimulation or flooding the dog can be detrimental to your dogs success. Because dogs have the ability to effectively problem solve, if we offer them this chance, paired with patients and consistency every problem behavior can be curbed even eliminated. Even extreme behavior modification (red zone dogs) can be trained using positive reinforcement (ForceFree) methods. In fact the Progressive Reinforcement methods, allow the dog to problem solve building self confidence, and impulse control. My studio wears its slogan proud offering “The Education Your Dog Deserves.”


I remember as a child waking up early every morning. Running out to the kennel to let out my puppy Annisette. A small and stout floppy eared black Lab. We would spend the morning running and playing in the woods. Jumping the creek, skipping stones in the pond, and chasing squirrels. But he was never to far away. His nose was right by my pocket. Where I hid some bacon I grabbed from the fridge early that morning.


Growing up with this obsession for animals turned into a small business. Even as a young child I was always contacted by friends and family to care for their pet(s), while they were away. As I got older it didn’t change. I can remember the moment when I brought home a horse, and we lived in an apartment. My parents were mortified. They had no idea how this would pan out.


As I grew older, and studied animal behavior both equine and canine. I began to see some resemblance to the human psyche. When I was old enough to live on my own, I began a pet sitting and dog walking business, but I was realizing that I was making money of pet owners incompetence. In this busy society sometimes you just don’t have time, but then why have a pet, if your not going to spend time to care for them? This is when I realized I needed to make a change, and educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership. I began studying with Animal Behavior College to become a vocational education Certified Dog Trainer.


While studying at Animal Behavior College, I began to realize that some behavior issues are medically related, and understanding veterinary medicine and care could be crucial to a dog trainers practice. I enrolled in Penn Foster, Veterinary Technician program.


After completing an extensive internship in the tradition and compulsive dog training art(s), and became and American Kennel Club- Canine Good Citizen Evaluator©. I began to practice, but still with a feeling of incomplete. This is when I found Victoria Stilwell host of Animal Planet’s “Its Me or the Dog.” Her methods of positive reinforcement, training techniques, and willingness to educate. Was the ultimate eye opening experience. From there on out I vowed to be a Positive Reinforcement trainer using these methods, paired with my Veterinary medicine background really helped to open my eyes to how canine and equine behavior works.


I reverted to my texts from Animal Behavior College only studying the Karen Pryor clicker training techniques, and the Obedience Training the focused on luring. Volunteering all of my time with various dog rescue, and sanctuaries as a cross-over trainer. My battle was hard in the stand for Positive Reinforcement training in the out skirts of New York City. I contacted Victoria Wells from ASPCA New York, for an internship specifically designed around behavior modification, and problem solving in shelter dogs.


Through this process I became familiar with Andrea Ardens, New York practice, and David Muriello where I am an official mentor trainer for CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. I became a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, for continuing education opportunities. Then a member of the Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors.

I currently live near Palm Springs California, happily married with my two Doberman Pinschers ‘Latte’ and ‘Lex’ who assist in a majority of my Pet Product Reviews: and How To Dog Train: videos.  Visit me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @NeilJHutchins OR   Committed Committed Canines Dog Services, LLC direct on Facebook and Twitter @ServiceDogNY.


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