How To Avoid Being a Dog Snobs Blog Topic aka Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Ownership

The Dog Snobs

Want to be a decent dog owner?  Or at least not be “that asshole” that all other dog owners hate and vent about on our blog?  Great.  We’ve created a handy-dandy list of do and don’ts.  We like lists.  And Indian food.


1.   Learn basic dog body language

While we are glad our dogs can’t actually speak (can you imagine the secrets they would spill?!), their body language does a pretty good job of indicating how they are feeling.  Do yourself a favor and do some research. A little Wikipedia goes a long way.

2.  Know your dog

Related to “Do #1, please don’t be that dog owner who is in “in denial” about their dog.  Some dogs do not like other dogs, some dogs don’t get along well with children, some dogs hate men, and so on.  Knowing your dog and its limitations is key to avoiding potentially…

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