Approval seeking or attention seeking?

Kay Laurence

These are signs and symptoms, not to be ignored.


Jumping up is nearly always viewed, by both positive and
negative trainers as A Major Sin. It certainly rates near the top of the list
of most dog owners as an undesirable behaviour. The behaviour can vary from a flying,
direct midriff punch, scratching your legs, or eye level shoulder blasts. But
if we could empty our minds of the traditional view that This Is a Bad Thing,
we may begin to see the behaviour as a sign or symptom of an underlying need
that is being dismissed.

Often jumping up is viewed as “attention seeking”,
which expert advice tell us needs suppression as opposed to attention. Our dogs
are not there to be “seen but not heard”, why are we suppressing a
desire for interaction? A common protocol for reinforcement trainers: “cue
sit, good sit, feed sit”, or punishment trainers:…

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