What is the BEST dog bed to buy? (German Shepherd owner)

Like many #humans our #dogs too have various taste when it comes to comfort and bedding.

You will find that some dogs prefer a harder surface, some a plush or soft surface, and some like to nest. So your dogs personal taste will decide over all.

My ultimate RECOMMENDATION for large breed dogs specifically those prone to bone and joint conditions. Is a MEMORY FOAM or POSTROPEDIC style bed. This will provide the support YOU want for your dog and also conforms to their body. So if they want that extra bit of plush a dollar store fleece throw will do the trick.

When ever you use an ORTHOPEDIC bed you want to make sure that the inner “mattress” is cover with a water proof cover. Often times bad reviews on one of these expensive beds is that it didn’t last and began to droop. This is due to the majority of the materials being broken down by moisture.

For ease of use a bed that can be disassembled or cover removed to wash is always RECOMMENDED as you want to keep the bedding as clean as possible to encourage the dog a happy and healthy place to lay. PERSONALLY my dogs beds are #denim.

Due to the area we live and summer coming night time will be a bit hotter than it is now. There are a few DURA-options and also a COOL PUP bed that has removable freezer cooling packs to assist your dog from over heating.

All of these OPTIONS are available from #slumberpet. Including water proof teflon coated thick poly fill beds similar to postrodedics.


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