Recommendation for itchy skin releif

For those of you that have been asking how I deal with my #dogs #itchyskin well its no easy feet let me tell you.

My RECOMMENDATIONS are fairly simple and at the basis cleanliness is key. We did go a step FURTHER than most and had an #allergypanel perfomed to give us a better understanding of what could be triggers for our dog. COMMON triggers for companion pet #dermatitis are general household allergies. Such as dust, dander, hair, and smoke. If your dog is subject to any of these on a regular basis you might consider cleaning their bedding and them a bit more often.

To bath a dog with severe REOCCURING break out. You will want to give them baths with a #BenzoylPeroxide shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Like any dog you shouldn’t bath more frequently than ever 7-10 days as you can damage the skin more by removing the natural oils.

Everyday 10 milligrams of loratadine an ANTIHISTAMINE. I prefer #claratine and caution against benydryl. We want the dog to be comfortable not asleep.

Paired with the antihistamine I also use a relative topical LOTION called #resicort. This product contains hydrocortisone an antipruritic and anti-inflammatory. To reduce dermiswelling and the itch. Its not required but if you keep it REFERIGERATED it adds to the cooling effect.

Treatment of the itchy skin isn’t always enough. Look into why your dog is having these issues to begin with. A great place to start is their DIET. Some breeds are prone to skin conditions and you should always take this into consideration. There are a few VETERINARIAN recommended options such as #hills rx diets from a vets office exclusively. However these can be expensive. Due to that price tag I suggest a few more economic friendly options. A favorite of mine is #Eukanuba #naturallywild. I prefer this to other brands as it uses pea proteins instead of corn which my dog has a reaction to. Similar to these and popular in my local area is #tasteofthewild. This food has a few diet specific formulas great for dogs with issues. Some other options are #naturalbalance and #naturesrecipies.

When it comes to diet I do caution anyone from the use of fish and fish oil. My MAIN reasoning on this is often times your dog could have an allergy to this fish ingredients and you can make the condition worse. This includes any active oat ingredients and SHAMPOO.

Consider these few OPTIONS and CONCERS and always remember to CONSULT your veterinarian. A severe dermatitis can be caused by a bacteria infection of the skin. If this is happening your dog will have small pustuals all over similar to an acne. If the burst they bleed and SMELL faintly of wet coinage. At this time your dog should be put on an antibiotic and prednazone. Paired with resicort lotion and claratine daily.


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