Pet Product Review: Pee Post

Pet Product Review: Pee Post

The simple solution pee post pheromone-treated yard stake is the complete house training assistance tool. It marks a designated area in your yard or garden for the dog to eliminate, while encouraging them to do so.  This is a great product to have when you are attempting to house train that new puppy, or dog, or even at a new house. You gently on a leash bring the dog to the post a few times a day, and the simple solution pee post pheromone treated yard stake does the rest of the work.


When you use the simple solution pheromone treated yard stake you are truly setting your dog up for success, and effectively teaching them with a proactive approach. Versus a traditional reactive approach of discipline for something the dog was never taught in the beginning.


I know I have shared about this product in the past, but I figured I would write you guys a review, and overview of its use. Through my years of training I have stuck by my 14 day ‘house training’ technique. My program requires five tools:

  • An indoor exercise pen
  • Your dogs appropriate sized crate
  • Training pads
  • A kitchen timer
  • The simple solution pee post pheromone-treated yard stake.

When training your dog you want to set your dog up for success. Creating a complete outline, and understanding what behaviors you want your dog engage-in. Can make your dog the most successful, and eliminate the use of punishment, force, and fear from your training program.


Set up for this training program is simple. The most difficult is an emotional hurdle for the handler (owner). It very important that handling and engagement outside of this plan is strictly prohibited (There are other ways to house train a dog. This program is just a recommendation). Please consult a qualified and certified behavior professional.


Erect the exercise pen to create a designated confinement area (Recommend a hardwood or tiled area), and line with training pads (to assist with clean-up ONLY; in no way will we be introducing indoor elimination). Connect the dogs crate to open up into the exercise pen (confinement area).


Every hour remove the dog from the confinement area, apply a lead, and bring the dog to the designated outdoor eliminating area (this is a zone outdoors that you have marked with the simple solution pee post pheromone-treated yard stake). Allow up to 5-10 minutes for the dog to eliminate in the zone.

If the dog eliminates immediately praise the dog with a food reward. Bring the dog back indoors for some quality play and handling time. Time yourself for a maximum of 20 minutes.

If the dog does not eliminate outdoors within the time frame bring the dog back inside, and confine the dog to the exercise pen. Within 5 minutes return outdoors with the dog on lead to the designated elimination zone. (If the dog eliminates skip forward to reward and play. If the dog does not please repeat this step; until the dog eliminates.)

If you are not home enough to perform this routine insure that you adhere to the performance when you are. NOTE this can affect the 14 day timeline. Repeat anywhere from 5-7 am, and 9-11 pm depending on your daily schedule.

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