Pet Product Review: ThunderShirt

Thunderworks home of the ThunderShirt known for its revolutionary body wrap with calming capability.  This product has shown great progress in the media, across the globe.  I wanted to review it for you today.

Being a practicing companion animal behavior professional it is always in my benefit to be aware of all the products on the market so that I can better assist my clients with problematic behavior resolution.  I have been aware of this product the ThunderShirt for quite some time, as my own personal dog started having very progressive adverse reactions to thunder storms.  Like many pet owners I didn’t believe there was anything I could do for this random fear except chemical behavior modification, or supplements (I.e.  fragrance, oils, pheromones, or pills.) This is where I was wrong and misguided.

With its proven results Thundershirt has expanded its product list into other variants, and just as reliable products: the Thundershirt (for Cats), the ThunderLeash, the ThunderCap, and the ThunderTreat(s).  As these products are not the main focus of this review. They are also proven with the Thunderworks, success rate of over 80 percent(1).  With no medication required(2).

ThunderShirt is a secret recipe of what looks like a cotton poly blend.  When worn applies a gentle pressure that has a dramatic calming effect (3).  Due to the natural effect this product has it can be used to assist in other treatment plans for  companion animal problematic behaviors.  In my professional practice I have used this and shown many results with hyperactivity (over active) dogs, excessive barking, separation and travel anxiety, as well as fearful dogs. 

However, it doesn’t’ t stop there.  ThunderShirt has been used by many top name companion animal behavior professionals. Who have created Training Programs (4) specifically outlined for Epilepsy and Seizures, Shelter Resources, General Anxiety, People Shyness, New Dog, Problem Barking, Separation anxiety, Touch Sensitivity, and Travel Anxiety.  With Case studies Summaries available for review (i.e. Aggression, Behavior Tests, Blindness, Leash Training, Noise Anxiety, OCD, Post-Procedure Recovery, Reactivity, Shelter Uses, and Travel Anxiety) in the Thunderworks Training Center.

As with every problematic behavior modification device a solid treatment plan should be used to wean the pet and the owner from being reliant on the product.  Please consult the Training center at the minimum or a companion animal behavior professional practicing the positive based training field.  In all this product gets 5 paws up.  

(1, 2, 3, 4) All links and information provided with written permission from Thunderworks. 


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