My name is Deb and I’m an “unbalanced” trainer :-/

My name is Neil Hutchins, and I am an ‘unbalanced’ trainer 🙂

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This is my opinion, based on my experiences with dogs over the past 20 years and my understanding of behavioral science (which is pretty damn good!)  So if you strongly disagree with me, write your own blog about it.

Among dog trainers we seem to have been divided into camps based on our underlying philosophy and the techniques we typically choose.  One camp, the one that I’m proud to be part of, is focused on the use of positive reinforcement as a primary training tool.  Note that I did not say purely positive.  I am not that and never claimed to be.  I would label myself as primarily positive reinforcement.  Another camp has claimed the name of “balanced” trainers, implying that those focused primarily on positively reinforcement are apparently “unbalanced”.  If you didn’t know any better you would probably guess that balanced is good and unbalanced is bad, but you…

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